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Summer Mini-Courses 2019

Summer 2019 will feature two mini-courses:


Mini-Course #1
Math 8950 - Inequalities

Instructor: Jason Cantarella
Ten Lectures on June 10-14 (MTWRF)

Course Webpage  


Mini-Course #2
Math 8970 - Stochastic processes in life sciences

Instructor: Caner Kazanci 
8 Lectures on June 5-7 (WRF) and 10-14 (MTWRF)

A course on stochastic processes in general, focusing on methods applicable to modeling living systems (neural networks, biochemical reactions, and ecosystem modeling.) Tentative outline of topics to be covered:

- Review of basics of probability 
- Mathematical modeling of living systems, a broad overview
- Markov Chains, branching processes 
- Basic introduction to stochastic processes 

- Gillespie's stochastic algorithm 

- Brownian motion and diffusion 
- Basic introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations
- Master Equation
- Langevin Equation
- Cellular Automata

Outcome: Gain a decent understanding mathematics used to model and simulate the probabilistic behavior observed in living systems.

Prerequisites: Basic linear algebra and differential equations knowledge should be enough to understand the topic.

Text book: No text book is required. I will provide class notes based on two books: "A first course in Stochastic processes" by Karlin & Taylor, and "Handbook of Stochastic Methods" by Gardiner. I will use powerpoint style slide shows for most lectures.