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Permanent Faculty

Leonard Chastkofsky Associate Professor, Ph.D. Yale University 1978, Representations of finite groups
William A. Graham Professor, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1992, Geometry and representation theory
Nate Harman Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2017, Combinatorial representation theory, tensor categories, applications of model theory to algebra, applications of representation theory to geometry and topology.
Daniel K. Nakano Distinguished Research Professor, Ph.D. Yale University 1990, Representation and cohomology theory of algebraic groups
Laura Rider Associate Professor, Ph.D.  Louisiana State University 2012. My research focuses on geometric methods in the representation theory of algebraic groups. In particular, I think about perverse/parity sheaves on the nilpotent cone and flag varieties, and exotic coherent sheaves on the Springer resolution. For now, I'm most interested in applying these techniques to better understand representations of algebraic groups in positive characteristic.
Lisa Townsley Lecturer, Ph.D. Northwestern University 1987, Cohomology of infinite groups

Retired Faculty

Brian D. Boe Professor, Ph.D. Yale University 1982, Representation theory of algebraic groups and Lie algebras
Jon F. Carlson Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. University of Virginia 1967, Group representations and cohomology

Postdoctoral Associates

Minyoung Jeon Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Associate, Ph.D. The Ohio State University, 2022. (Combinatorial) algebraic geometry. Schubert varieties and degeneracy loci. Intersection and cohomology theory, Grassmannians and flag varieties. Application of Schubert Calculus to various topics, which include but not limited to the geometry of algebraic curves and their moduli.
Tekin Karadag Limited-Term Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Texas A&M, 2021. Homological algebra, Hochschild cohomology, Hopf algebra cohomology, Lie structures on cohomologies.
Alberto San Miguel Malaney Limited-Term Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Texas, 2024. Geometric representation theory: symplectic singularities and their partial resolutions, Springer theory, perverse sheaves. Birational geometry and deformation theory.

The algebra group has a vibrant training program for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The algebra group has sponsored three NSF Postdoctoral Fellows: Wayne Wheeler (1996-98), David Hemmer (2001-03) and Jonathan Kujawa (2003-07). If you interested in applying to the Department of Mathematics at UGA for graduate studies or a postdoc, please do not hesitate to contact one of our faculty members.  

Students and Postdoctoral Fellows in the Algebra Group


Ph.D. Student Year of Degree Ph.D. Advisor Post Graduation Placement
Stephen Kuhn 1979 Carlson University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Deborah Sherman 1994 Carlson Truman State University
Chuang Peng 1995 Carlson Morehouse College
Peteris Daugulis 1998 Carlson  
Jason Whitt 1998 Carlson Illinois Wesleyan University
Desire (Gilles) Gnacadja 2000 Benson MATRA Systems, Inc.
Mucheng Zhang 2000 Carlson Computer Science, UGA
Blake Hindman 2002 Benson Georgia College
Graham Matthews 2004 Carlson Amgen Corporation
Bobbe Cooper 2008 Nakano University of Minnesota
Kenyon Platt 2008 Boe Brigham Young University
Caroline Wright 2008 Nakano University of Arizona
Irfan Bagci 2009 Nakano University of California, Riverside
Wenjing Li 2012 Graham Concordia College Alabama
Nham Ngo 2012 Nakano University of Wisconsin, Stout
Brandon Samples 2012 Graham Georgia College
Ben Wyser 2012 Graham University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Stacy Musgrave 2013 Krashen Arizona State University
Andrew Talian 2014 Nakano Concordia College
Kate Thompson 2014 Krashen Davidson College
Theresa Brons 2015 Nakano Data Analyst, Converseon
William Hardesty 2016 Nakano Louisiana State University
Patrick McFaddin 2016 Krashen University of South Carolina
Maren Turbow 2016 Krashen Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions
Andrew Maurer 2019 Nakano Bright Machines
Ziqing Xiang 2019 Nakano Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Ernst Guico 2020 Krashen  
David Galban 2022 Nakano  
Andrew Jenkins 2022 Nakano Indiana University
Jack Wagner 2023 Rider  


Postdoctoral Fellow Years at UGA Current Position
Gordana Todorov 1978-79 Professor, Northeastern University
Wayne Wheeler 1996-98 Center for Communications Research, La Jolla
Luis Valero-Elizondo 1998-00 Professor, U. Nac. Aut. de Mexico
Markus Hunziker 2000-04 Associate Professor, Baylor University
David Hemmer 2001-03 Professor and Chair, SUNY Buffalo
Jo Jang Hyun 2002-04 Assistant Professor,  Gyeongsang National University
Nadia Mazza 2003-06 Lecturer, Lancaster University
Jonathan Kujawa 2003-07 Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma
Emilie Wiesner 2005-07 Assistant Professor, Ithaca College
Victor Kreiman 2006-09 Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Benjamin Jones 2007-10 Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Stout
Christopher Drupeski 2009-12 Assistant Professor, DePaul University
Niles Johnson 2009-12 Assistant Professor, Ohio State, Newark
Amber Russell 2012-15 Assistant Professor, Butler University
Paul Sobaje 2015-18 Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University
Asilata Bapat 2016-17 Lecturer, Australian National University
Kei Yuen Chan 2017-18 Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences
Chun-Ju Lai 2017-20 Academia Sinica, Assistant Research Fellow
Arik Wilbert 2019-21 University of South Alabama
Scott Larson 2020-24 Limited Term Assistant Professor, UGA
Tamanna Chatterjee 2021-2023 University of Notre Dame
Tekin Karadag 2022- Limited Term Assistant Professor, UGA
Minyoung Jeon 2022- Limited Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Associate, UGA
Alberto San Miguel Malaney 2024-