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Professional Development Summer 2016

There will be two professional development programs, on June 16-17 and July 11-12. The June 16/17 event will focus on professional skills directly related to the math community (applying for jobs, preparing for quals, developing a website, etc.). The July 11/12 seminars will focus on more general professional / life skills (time and stress management, eating healthy on a grad student budget, how to manage your finances, etc.) which will be led by several speakers from different departments across campus.


UGA Math Department Bootcamp I June 16-17, 2016 | Boyd 328

June 16:

• 12-1pm:              Lunch (in the Matrix)
• 1-1:30pm:           An Overview of the UGA Math Graduate Program
• 1:30-3pm:           How to Give a Good Mock AMS Talk
• 3-3:15pm:           Coffee break (in the Matrix)
• 3:15-4pm:           Website Workshop
• 4-5:30pm:           Office Hours to build or improve website

June 17:

• 9-9:30am:            Website feedback
• 9:30-10:30am:     Being Part of the Broader Mathematical Community
•10:30-11:30am:    Concurrent panels
– Preparing for Quals and Orals (Room TBA) – Going on the Job Market (Room TBA)
• 11:30-12:30pm:   Lunch (in the Matrix)
• 12:30 - 1:30pm:   Applying for Grants and Positions at the Math Institutes
• 1:30-2:30pm:       How to Prepare and Present a Mathematical Poster
• 2:30-3pm:            Refreshments and Poster Presentations


UGA Math Department Bootcamp I July 11-12, 2016 | Dawson 110

July 11:

10-11am:               Stress, Wellness, and CAPS Services (S. Bosshardt, UHS)
11-12pm:               Time Management Skills (Leigh Anne Aaron, FACS County Extension)
12-1pm:                 Lunch (provided by department)
1-130pm:               Behind the Scenes in the UGA Math Department (Bill Graham)
130-2pm:               Math papers and journal submissions (Angela Gibney)
2-3pm:                   Strategies for Technical Writing (Robby Nadler, UGA Writing Center)
3-330pm:               Tea & refreshments (provided by department)
330-430pm:           Stress management (Mike Friedline, UHS)

July 12:

10-11am:               Financial Wellness (Kelly Truesdell, UHS)
11-12pm:               Techniques for Good Teaching and Good Learning (Eddie Watson, CTL)
12-1pm:                 Lunch (provided by department)
1:15-2pm:              Programming in Math Research (Luca Schaffler and Ken Jacobs)
2-3pm:                   Nutrition for Health and Wellness (Ben Gray, UHS Nutrition Kitchen)